Music Therapy Drumming, the percussion-based training program primarily for music therapists, by music therapists, is proud to unveil and introduce the already-in-demand Level 2 Intensive. 

Where the Level I Intensive  focuses primarily on developing a musical core that relates to music therapy, the Level II Intensive shifts its focus toward leadership skills, clinical skills and clinical application for relevant goals/objectives, and the exploration of musical meaning found within percussion play.  

  • Build upon Level I Intensive knowledge and music skills
  • Develop intermediate percussion/music skills
  • Apply yourself in leadership and clinical contexts, working with Level I Intensive participants
  • Apply yourself through the use of clinical improvisation tools (techniques and assessment processes)
  • Explore and apply theories of meaning as they relate to percussion play.
  • Earn 26 CMTE credits through a thorough three and one-half days of music-making.
  • Share, with and learn from, a community of experienced music therapists 

Level 2 Candidacy prepares candidates (pre-training) by promoting and expecting full Level I skill development, so that the Level II intensive can focus on leadership skills, clinical skills, and personal growth.

The prerequisite for the Level 2 Intensive is the MTD Level 1 Intensive.   Rare exceptions to this pre-requisite may only be made if a Level II candidate demonstrates adequate knowledge of Level I material.   Level II Candidates will complete a pre-test in order to place them in the most supportive and challenging environment during the training.

Our first combined Level 1 and Level 2 training will occur this summer in Radford, Virginia.   It promises to be an exciting, educational, and fun event!  Click here for more information on the Radford training.  More Level I/II Intensives will be scheduled soon.