MT Student Track

Music therapy undergraduate and graduate equivalency students are more than welcome to participate in the weekend MTD Intensives.   In order to accommodate all students and professionals training and experience levels, we have created the Music Therapy Drumming Student Track.   This track is offered at a discounted fee, and substantial discounts are given to students who attend a university who is hosting the event.

  • University students who are new to the MTD trainings will participate in the full Level One Intensive experience, alongside professionals. 


  • University students who have completed the MTD Level One training can continue in the Advanced Student Track, participating in both Level One and Level Two presentations, while focusing on foundational music and clinical skills. 


  • Graduate students who are also professionals can enjoy the benefits of student rates while also engaging in the professional Levels track.


You may find a sample “Student Track” schedule on the Sample Schedules page (coming soon).