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Level Primers/Instrumental Focus Workshops may occur as conference CMTE courses or as stand-alone, one-day events. 
Prerequisite: Music therapist, other therapy professional, or music therapy student

Level I Training: No previous percussion training is required to attend the level one training, which focuses on foundational percussion techniques, sound quality, and rhythm skills as related to clinical practice. All material is offered to be progressively accessible to each participant through the contexts of ensemble play, adaptation, and group improvisation.
Prerequisite: Music therapist, other therapy professional, or music therapy student.
Level One Overview and Continuing Education Skills:

  • identify a variety of drums and percussion instruments commonly used in music therapy (CBMT Scope of Practice I.A.1.c,d,e).
  • understand and apply musical elements of percussion, as related to rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and styles, rooted in traditional play/professional techniques (CBMT Scope of Practice IA1.).
  • gain a basic rhythmic vocabulary for a variety of drums and rhythm instruments, with specific instruction on playing techniques and clinical applications.
  • demonstrate an understanding of ways to improve rhythmic acuity and a capacity to maintain a steady beat, phrasing, and respond to fluctuations in tempo and dynamics. (CBMT Scope of Practice I.B.5,6,V.A.6).
  • learn professional percussion skills, based on traditional, cultural perspectives. (CBMT Scope of Practice IB7a., 3A3b.).
  • use musical leadership skills to facilitate and conduct group music therapy (CBMT Scope of Practice 3A3c.)
  • create and improvise quality percussion music to facilitate therapeutic processes (CBMT Scope of Practice 3A3h.)

Click here to view the MTD Level One Learning Objectives as related to the CBMT Scope of Practice.

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Level II Training: Focus on beginning/intermediate percussion and rhythm skills; development of musical leadership skills in the contexts of group improvisation and ensemble play; integration of percussion into clinical practice for particular goal areas.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level One training or demonstration of Level One skills.

Level III Training: Development of intermediate percussion techniques; Further development of musical leadership skills; Program development, processes and therapeutic arcs as related to goal areas and populations.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level Two training.

Music Therapy Drumming courses provide Board-Certified Music Therapists with Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) units through Sarsen Publishing Continuing Education.

Sarsen Publishing is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) to provide continuing education opportunities.Credits awarded by CBMT are accepted by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Sarsen  Publishing Continuing Education, provider number P-101, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.