What our participants say…

“I came home and looked at the percussion instruments I had on hand in a whole different way. I was immediately able to start applying what I learned to the work with my clients. I have more to learn, but it was neat to be able to apply ideas right off the bat.”

Kathleen Coleman, M.A, MT-BC

Private Practice

Co-Owner/Operator, Prelude Music Therapy publishing

“I am so glad that Music Therapy Drumming trainings were created. I knew basics and fundamentals of orchestral instruments, but how was I to apply those in everyday music therapy sessions? Now I am understanding more about world percussion and how to make music and facilitate sessions at the same time! I cant wait until the next intensive!”

Guadalupe Flores, MT-BC

Neurologic Music Therapist

“Thank you so much for this training….This weekend was an eye opener.”

Tonya Blum, M.A., MT-BC

Private Practice

“MTD level one training helped me to understand the basic percussion techniques on which I can build, particularly in playing djembe, bass and frame drums. For me, it opened up a whole world of new rhythms and the cultural connections to those rhythms. I could hear nuances and song from the percussion play we did together which I never heard before when listening to percussion instrumental playing. Finally, this training gave me the mind and heart to now know how to move on and practice the skills I learned; thus, giving me greater freedom and expertise in playing both for enjoyment and with my clients.”

Julie Anto, MT-BC, MA-CAT

Instructor/Coordinator of Music Therapy Program

National Music Conservatory of Jordan

“I learned so much information that I can use in my teaching and with my private clients – and it turned out to be fun. Your knowledge of percussion and how music therapists can use it is fabulous, and I think very much needed in our profession!”

Donna Washington, MCAT, MT-BC

Associate Professor/Coordinator of Music Therapy Program

Howard University