Level 2 Candidacy

The MTD Level Two Intensive is a continuance of the Level One Intensive. Participants have either completed the Level One Intensive or have demonstrated extensive knowledge of the Level One Material through performance and aural examination (based solely upon the discretion of MTD Trainers).  Level Two participants begin their training as Level Two Candidates, demonstrating Level One music skills on hand drums, frame drums, bass drums, and shakers, as well as fundamental leadership skills covered in the Level One training.

Potential Level Two candidates can request information and resources in order to prepare for the pre-test.  These are provided by an MTD trainer.  Most material will be found in the Level One training manual.  However, specific expectations and video resources will be made available.

Those who demonstrate adequate skill sets will become Level Two participants, and will be prepared to focus on intermediate leadership and clinical skills during the training.   Any Level Two candidates who may have deficiencies in particular music areas will attend Level Two presentations except in those areas where Level One musical focus will be revisited (for example, a deficiency on frame drums will require that the candidate focus on frame drum music skills with Level One participants).

A post-test will be provided for Level Two candidates who are working on percussion competency skills.   Trainers will advise candidates and participants how they may proceed regarding the Level II Intensive training and Level III Candidacy/Fellowship.

Interested in becoming a Level II Candidate?  Send us an inquiry here.