Level One

The MTD Level One Intensive provides 18 CEU’s in accordance with CBMT standards.

Level One CBMT Learner Objectives:

  • Identify a variety of percussion instruments.  CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.i.4.
  • Demonstrate techniques on percussion instruments – CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.i.4.
  • Demonstrate a basic rhythmic vocabulary on percussion instruments.  CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.a.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cultural perspectives as related to traditional percussion play. – CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.ac.
  • Demonstrate musical leadership skills to conduct group drumming processes in music therapy. CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.k.
  • Demonstrate improvisation techniques that facilitate therapeutic processes – CBMT Board Certification Domains II. A.5.o., II.A.4.f.
  • Identify one theme (or trend) regarding the use of percussion as noted in the current body of music therapy research. – CBMT Board Certification Domains IV.A.2.

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Music Therapy Drumming is a world drumming and clinical therapy curriculum primarily for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC). It is designed and presented by MT-BC's who are also professional percussionists.