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Upcoming event: MTD Combined Level Intensive – Huntsville, Texas

Join us in Huntsville, Texas, at Sam Houston State University, October 27th-29th for this training!   Students who have taken Level One will be able to take the Level Two training. MTD Combined Level 1 & 2 Intensive Training: Huntsville Texas

MTD Level I Intensive: May 3-5, Rochester, NY.

Click on the picture above, or click here for more information.

Highlighting: A Brief Interview with Keith Botello

Today I present a brief interview with Keith Botello, an accomplished music therapist and percussionist whom I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing for many years.   Keith and I originally (although briefly) met during our time at the University of North Texas, where we both were studying areas of percussion/jazz performance at the time.  Eventually we both […]

Unveiling Level 2 – The Next Step

Music Therapy Drumming, the percussion-based training program primarily for music therapists, by music therapists, is proud to unveil and introduce the already-in-demand Level 2 Intensive.  Where the Level I Intensive  focuses primarily on developing a musical core that relates to music therapy, the Level II Intensive shifts its focus toward leadership skills, clinical skills and clinical application […]

Hang and Tank Drums

The Hang, or Hang Drum is a relatively new and somewhat unique instrument. It was created in Switzerland by PANart, more specifically, Felix Rohner and Sabrina Scharer. The instrument appears similar to an inverted steel pan drum, and in some sense, sounds similar as well. However, the Hang construction is different, usually deferring to pentatonic […]

Daiko with Iris Shiraishi at AMTA National Conference

Members of the Music Therapy Drumming consortium are honored to be performing two Daiko pieces, under the auspices of performer/composer Iris Shiraishi at the AMTA National Conference opening session in Atlanta, Georgia.  Iris has a history with MU performing arts and currently works as the director of Mu Daiko.  This is guaranteed to be an […]

Introduction to the basic “blues shuffle” – snare drum and hand drum

Got the blues? Express it on drum set, hand drum, or other percussion.

Aesthetic Comparisons- Music and the Culinary Arts:

A brief pondering of the value one’s relationship with art, and of the value of “recipes.”

Professor Jim Borling on the MTD Level One Intensive

Professor Jim Borling is an established clinician and music therapy educator at Radford University. Here, he offers his thoughts on the Music Therapy Drumming Level One Intensive.

The gourd and its use in music

In our first submission to the MTD site video series, Kalani introduced the axatse (ah-hah’-tsay), a gourd shaker originating with the Ewe people of Ghana (click here to see that video.) There are many similar gourd shakers, as well as many other types of gourd shakers, scrapers, drums, and other instruments. Gourd instruments are often […]

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Music Therapy Drumming is a world drumming and clinical therapy curriculum primarily for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC). It is designed and presented by MT-BC's who are also professional percussionists.