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AMTA Atlanta 2011: The Percussion Track

The Atlanta AMTA National Conference will be here before we know it! Conference presentation submissions will be due April 1, which is just days away

What percussion instruments do you use in your practice, and how frequently?

What instruments you use, and how often? Anything unique with a particular purpose? Something that you’ve found to be indispensable within your practice?

Percussion in Therapy: A History of Research in Motor Development

The use of percussion to facilitate motor development in therapy is a common clinical practice. The span of fifty- plus years of related studies and articles have helped to shape the way we view and practice music therapy

Percussion in Therapy: A History of Research

In our current world filled with media networking, blog posts, wiki-oriented information resources, and twenty-four hour newsupdates, we find some strength in immediate response and some “equal opportunity” to contribute.   Such a barrage can also make information searches like looking for a needle in a haystack. If one was to google the words “drum” and […]

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Music Therapy Drumming is a world drumming and clinical therapy curriculum primarily for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC). It is designed and presented by MT-BC's who are also professional percussionists.