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Video: Part 1 Frame Drum Accompaniment with Carolyn Koebel

The second video posted in our series. Enjoy!

Reflections on GLR Conference: MTD Students Only Session

At the recent Great Lakes Regional Conference, the MTD consortium offered a students-only session about how percussion and drumming is used in music therapy. Here is what they taught us!

Video: Introduction to Axatse Technique

A video recorded at this year’s Great Lakes Regional AMTA conference. Enjoy!

Highlighting: Voices Interview with Professor Jim Borling

Jim Borling is a professor of music therapy at Radford University, a fellow of, and trainer for, the Bonny Method of GIM, and the co-creator of Conscious Drumming

5 Notes That Changed the World

Who knew 5 little notes were so important?

Krin: Instrument of the Baga people of Guinea

Many music therapists are familiar with the djembe. Another somewhat related regional instrument is the krin. Check it out.

Rhythmic Acuity Part III: Orientation

A rhythmic phrase that cycles over and over again is like an old-fashioned merry-go-round. Orientation is an awareness of how not only to grab onto one “ring” within a rhythmic phrase, but any of the “rings” (notes) within the cycle.

Rhythmic Acuity Pt. 2: Fortitude

We’ve all been in that situation where we are tapping our toe along to a jazz solo (or to some other music style solo), and all of a sudden, we realize that we might not be tapping on the beat we thought we were. This is a description of fortitude, and how it relates to rhythmic acuity.

Rhythmic Acuity: What is it?

The Rhythmic Acuity Measurement Scale, or RAMS, is a tool that assesses one’s current level of rhythmic acuity in nine different developmental categories. RAMS initially seeks to play a role in helping therapists to develop our own rhythmic acuity.

The mbira:

The mbira dzavadzimu is one type of mbira which originates from Zimbabwe, and it is played by the Shona people. Here is a little information on this beautiful instrument.

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Music Therapy Drumming is a world drumming and clinical therapy curriculum primarily for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC). It is designed and presented by MT-BC's who are also professional percussionists.