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Krin: Instrument of the Baga people of Guinea

Many music therapists are familiar with the djembe. Another somewhat related regional instrument is the krin. Check it out.

What percussion instruments do you use in your practice, and how frequently?

What instruments you use, and how often? Anything unique with a particular purpose? Something that you’ve found to be indispensable within your practice?

The mbira:

The mbira dzavadzimu is one type of mbira which originates from Zimbabwe, and it is played by the Shona people. Here is a little information on this beautiful instrument.

Adapted Percussion Products That You May Not Have Heard Of:

Here are a couple of company’s items that may help some of your clients in active music experiences.

My Surprise Christmas Gift: Capachos

Got maracas? Let’s do this!

A Taxonomy of Drumming Experiences

Here is a way to categorize and organize the ways we approach using percussion.

A Brief History of the “Jingle Bell”

We might stuff our instrument bag with those seasonal strips of bells, giving us away at every step down the hallway. Here is just a little bit of history about these bells.

Los Papines – An Interview with the Kings of Rumba

Based in Habana, los Papines is one of Cuba’s top rumba bands. From an announcement by La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley: “Los Papines are a world-renowned master percussion quartet. Their spontaneity combined with their African sounds make their concert an experience full of rhythm, energy and pleasure. But what makes them different is their […]

PASIC Update: Products of Interest to Music Therapists

This year’s 2010 Percussive Arts Society International Conference lived up to its reputation, with a slew of great performances, presentations, and products from the exhibit hall. This year, three items stood out to me as useful to the music therapist.

The Frame Drum: Volume 1 of many…

The following are some companies that make excellent quality instruments for you to explore the world of frame drumming. Some of these companies make high end and professional instruments. As the saying goes you usually do get what you pay for. For example my Cooperman drums have long outlasted many instruments produced by the big companies.

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