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Keynote for AMTA Presentation: Drumming of the African Diaspora 101

This post links to a download of a presentation keynote, specifically on Colombian and Cuban drumming traditions.

Introduction to Darabouka III: Carolyn Koebel

The third video in a set of three.

Aesthetic Comparisons- Music and the Culinary Arts:

A brief pondering of the value one’s relationship with art, and of the value of “recipes.”

Drumming – The Challenge and the Gift

For the first time, music therapists have a resource that connects them to the rich musical heritage that has given us the most-used instrumental category in the field.

The gourd and its use in music

In our first submission to the MTD site video series, Kalani introduced the axatse (ah-hah’-tsay), a gourd shaker originating with the Ewe people of Ghana (click here to see that video.) There are many similar gourd shakers, as well as many other types of gourd shakers, scrapers, drums, and other instruments. Gourd instruments are often […]

Video: Introduction to Darabuka #1

Here is the first in a video series of 3.

Video: Introduction to Conga Technique and Play

Video: Frame Drum Accompaniment Part II

Here is Carolyn Koebel offering the second video in a series on frame drum accompaniment!

Video: Part 1 Frame Drum Accompaniment with Carolyn Koebel

The second video posted in our series. Enjoy!

Video: Introduction to Axatse Technique

A video recorded at this year’s Great Lakes Regional AMTA conference. Enjoy!

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