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Level One Training- Houston, Texas: Earlybird deadline approaching

Thinking about attending the MTD Level One in Houston, Texas?

Krin: Instrument of the Baga people of Guinea

Many music therapists are familiar with the djembe. Another somewhat related regional instrument is the krin. Check it out.

The Great Lakes Regional Conference

Thinking you might be interested in an MTD training, or perhaps a regional conference, or both? Check out this video prefacing the Lake Geneva location and GLR conference happenings.

What percussion instruments do you use in your practice, and how frequently?

What instruments you use, and how often? Anything unique with a particular purpose? Something that you’ve found to be indispensable within your practice?

Rhythmic Acuity Part III: Orientation

A rhythmic phrase that cycles over and over again is like an old-fashioned merry-go-round. Orientation is an awareness of how not only to grab onto one “ring” within a rhythmic phrase, but any of the “rings” (notes) within the cycle.

Rhythmic Acuity Pt. 2: Fortitude

We’ve all been in that situation where we are tapping our toe along to a jazz solo (or to some other music style solo), and all of a sudden, we realize that we might not be tapping on the beat we thought we were. This is a description of fortitude, and how it relates to rhythmic acuity.

Rhythmic Acuity: What is it?

The Rhythmic Acuity Measurement Scale, or RAMS, is a tool that assesses one’s current level of rhythmic acuity in nine different developmental categories. RAMS initially seeks to play a role in helping therapists to develop our own rhythmic acuity.

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Music Therapy Drumming is a world drumming and clinical therapy curriculum primarily for Board-Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC). It is designed and presented by MT-BC's who are also professional percussionists.