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PASIC Update: Products of Interest to Music Therapists

This year’s 2010 Percussive Arts Society International Conference lived up to its reputation, with a slew of great performances, presentations, and products from the exhibit hall. This year, three items stood out to me as useful to the music therapist.

The American Music Therapy Association Percussion Track

This year, at the AMTA National Conference in Cleveland, we witnessed what is likely the beginning of a new focus.

The Frame Drum: Volume 1 of many…

The following are some companies that make excellent quality instruments for you to explore the world of frame drumming. Some of these companies make high end and professional instruments. As the saying goes you usually do get what you pay for. For example my Cooperman drums have long outlasted many instruments produced by the big companies.

Percussion in Therapy: A History of Research

In our current world filled with media networking, blog posts, wiki-oriented information resources, and twenty-four hour newsupdates, we find some strength in immediate response and some “equal opportunity” to contribute.   Such a barrage can also make information searches like looking for a needle in a haystack. If one was to google the words “drum” and […]

Benefits of Traditional Drumming in Music Therapy

There’s no doubt that group drumming improvisation is a widely used and beneficial tool for the music therapist. In fact, it’s probably the most used method with regards to the use of percussion in music therapy. Group drumming improvisation (similar in appearance to a drum circle) has a long history in music therapy and gained […]

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